Shortlisted in Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

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Well – this is really exciting – but we’ve been shortlisted in the Built Environment section of The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards: Built Environment – An award for innovative redevelopments or new-build projects that are at the leading-edge of approaches to reducing the built environment’s negative environmental impacts and raising its positive social impacts. We’re up against some pretty …


New Website Goes Live

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So – we are very happy to have finally updated our website (the old website was great but just didn’t work too well on an iPad or phone. Now that so many people are using these devices we thought it would be a good idea to get “with the program”. In an age of information overload we try and keep …


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Bright Green Homes buys all of its Electricity and Gas  from Ecotricity, Britain’s largest Green Energy company, who in their own words “invest the money from your bills into building new renewable sources of energy.” which we think is pretty cool.

Brighton and Hove Energy Services Company

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Working with Brighton & Hove 10:10, Bright Green Homes and  other community partners, a new energy company has been formed: Brighton and Hove Energy Services Company. BHESCo is a social enterprise which is bringing together thousands of people in Brighton and Hove to bulk buy energy and save money on their fuel bills.  As well as passing on the savings …

Green Web Hosting

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Bright Green Homes has moved its web hosting to 3Co : an ethical, customer focused web hosting and design company delivering an environmentally friendly web hosting solution using carbon offsetting projects and renewably sourced electricity. Bright Green Homes is an investor in the community Solar project – Brighton Energy Cooperative – Brighton Energy Coop owns more than £700,000’s-worth of …

Blog from the wingtip part 5 : Le LEAF and the Peripheriques

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  In September 2015 I set off for the first LEAF trip to my cosy gite in the Vendée, France – had a plumber booked to civilise its bathroom and, well, I just get itchy feet every couple of months. My Leaf doesn’t have Tesla’s battery power. My NEXT Leaf might though (can’t imagine owning an ICE again) as the …

View from a wingtip – part 4 – Le LEAF learns French

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So then Le LEAF and I went to France, but not without HOURS of research. I know the route(s) pretty well as my destination is my gite in the Vendée which I have owned and loved for a dozen years. These days there’s a good Autoroute network from Dieppe, via an easy ferry out of Newhaven. All I had to …

Easy Eco-Friendly Home Tips

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There are quite a few ways we can create a more eco-friendly home environment and thankfully most of them won’t require insane amounts of work to pull off. Sometimes even the simplest acts can really create something amazing and a great transition between your older looks and a new and improved one instead. You can adopt an easier and greener …