Rent to Buy Schemes

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Hi All, I was chatting with a friend about getting on the property ladder and how hard it is to do – and funnily enough a lady called Lily has been asking me to blog about her info on the Rent to Buy scheme which she introduces here: There are many people today who are worried about how they can possibly …

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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So it has been a really busy year for Bright Green Homes – we have been working on multiple projects in Brighton, Hove, Ditchling and Steyning and growing our team, adding a new vehicle and generally being really busy. I can’t believe I missed a trick and sent out our Christmas mailing before I got around to updating this blog …

Team Green!!

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Its a beautiful day here in Brighton – and we thought we’d take the opportunity to have a group photos of most (not all!) of the Bright Green Homes team outside our offices. Its a bit hard to make us out as we are in the shade – but we are there! Have a great weekend everyone! 😆

Missing the Fracking Point?

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This is a post that has been generously shared with us by The Green Register‘s Lucy Pedler. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, was developed in the 1940s to recover gas from conventional wells and has more recently ‘revolutionised’ the American energy industry, allowing the USA to become temporarily more energy independent by extracting gas (and oil) from small fractures in the …