As alsways the first step in any project is having the finance organised to pay for it. For the majority of people that means how much can I borrow?

If you are self-building from scratch there are around 20 institutions that activelty seek out self build borrowers – but of course with the way things have been recently the lending criteria is pretty strict.

If you are doing renovations work there is often many ways of raising finance – through your mortgage, as a personal loan, savings or evgen the much feted “bank of mum and dad”.

We are often asked about help out there to finance projects – until quite recently there were a raft of measures; FIT, RHI, ECO, Green Deal etc.. but sadly much of this has now been stopped or reduced so much that its next to useless.

On some of the other pages in this website these are explained in more detail.

As well as providing detailed quotes we also

We provide detailed quotes for your peace of mind

We provide detailed quotes for your peace of mind

operate a valuation system so that you pay for the work we do for you in manageable portions.

As the work progresses – usually every 2 weeks we produce a valuation for you the client showing exactly what been completed and billing you only for work that has already been done.

So you can feel re-assured that you are not paying out large sums in advance only for you to be left wondering what happened to it all.

Our online project management tool also keeps you up to date with all of the progress and changes or variations that may or may not have happened.

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