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Irreversible climate change, the destruction of the rainforest, threats to ecosystems such as coral reefs, the extinction of species, landfill, pollution etc.. the list is depressingly long and action really is urgent.

Things can be done within everyday lives to alleviate some of these effects – apart from planting trees in the amazon or patrolling coral reefs for rogue fishermen. Most of us live in a home that is far from efficient.

Think global act local is not all that hard – while investing in our own comfort and reducing our own running costs we can still be leading from the front in the fight against climate change.

Some numbers:

In the UK the national average power consumption per household each year is 22,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. This is equivalent to 5,835 kilograms of carbon (kgCO2) per year dumped in the atmosphere.

That energy use and subsequent pollution is the equivalent of:

  • 291,750 miles travelled on a train
  • 233,400 miles on a bus
  • 93,360 miles on a long distance plane.

put another way:

  • travelling by train to London and back 2,701 times
  • taking a bus to Rome 271 times
  • flying to Sydney, Australia, 9 times in one year.

So, reduce your home energy requirement by just 10% and you’d be making a significant contribution!

“very simple methods of water and energy efficiency could take out 5% of the emissions associated with water, equivalent to taking 600,000 cars off the road”

Magda Styles, Water & Waste Strategy Manager, The Energy Saving Trust quoted on www.worldchanging.com

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