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An ecohome designed by Bright Green Homes to achieve Code 6* (zero carbon) of the Code for Sustainable Homes is available for sale to a self builder.

A compact plot of land in Brighton, on the edge of the national park and near the Universities, designed by Bright Green Homes as an affordable 3 bedroom eco-home that can achieve Code for Sustainable Homes 6* rating.

This timber frame/Hemcrete© house (a negative-carbon hemp and lime mix) has been designed to surpass current building standards by a significant margin – using innovative materials, high insulation levels, low zero carbon technologies and natural sunlight.

Brighton land

a compact site in this quiet residential area of Brighton

Combining this with a grass roof, rainwater harvesting, solar PV, solar thermal, natural insulation and natural paints this house will be a real alternative to traditional methods.

This site has detailed Planning Permission, Building Regulations and a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment ready to achieve code 6* if the buyer decides however planning conditions only require code 3. We have designed it to be flexible according to how ‘eco’ you want to be, and how much you can invest in order to save energy and carbon.

outline 3D

the full set of plans and details are available on request

All of the plans, details, structural calculations, building regulations, available warranty, and design stage code paperwork is already in place. If you need to raise finance etc. all of these details are immediately available so building could commence as soon as you like.

Contact us by email or by phone for more details.

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