Final hurdles in Kemp Town

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keeping the floor protected

hardfloor protector is needed still to protect the beautiful bamboo floor

So with the imminent moving in of our clients it is very definitely the last legs of our renovation project in Kemp Town, and the house is looking fantastic. Of course there are always “snags” at the end of a job like this, it is the norm. In fact the television programs that have immaculately finished homes after just 1 or 2 weeks have a lot to answer for!

adding the finishing touches

the finishing touches begin to really make the house feel like a home

They have raised the expectations of people to sometimes unrealistic levels, but, fortunately for us, our clients understand the realities of building and have decided this week that it would in fact be better to wait a week before taking possession.

the view from dining room

clean lines are imperitive in this build

So, many of the last little but time consuming jobs have been completed this week. Fitting the last of the architrave and skirting, setting the welcome mat at the right height. The catches, handles on all the doors. A new chubb lock for the front door. Final finishing touches to the painting (of course I am sure we will find a few more over the coming weeks), fitting the bath panel in the main bathroom, light fittings, winding opening mechanism for the new skylight etc etc. But all in all we are almost there with the vast majority of the works.

plans for thr new build

plans for the new house on the outskirts of Brighton

So, still to do? 1. Convert the garage, up till now an extremely useful storage space for waste and tools. Bear in mind that the mews does not have enough room for a skip so we have been collecting waste internally to the house before carting it away in the biodiesel vans we have been using. This garage is to become a ‘studio’ for working and living in. We have to wait for a little while for the cork that we are going to use as acoustic insulation internally, but this will give the clients a little respite, and a chance to officially take possession of the house. 2. Painting the doors externally and that is pretty much it!! 3. fitting the solar thermal system (waiting for planning permission) 11 weeks (1 week before the expected completion date) and a new home, super insulated awaits.

So what is next? Well not ones to sit on our laurels we are back in the office planning for the next job. A new-build home on the outskirts of Brighton, two Code for Sustainable Homes assessments, a room in the roof conversion, an on-going high spec home extension, and maybe a nursing home conversion are some of the projects we are now working on.

Hey Alex, don’t forget that somewhere in there the owners of Eastern Terrace Mews deserve a shiny new EPC. We also need to analyse more detailed before and after figures, now that we can draw breath. We’ve been following our company policy of practicalities first, theory second, but you keep telling me ‘if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’ (or something like that) – so now better get measuring on the difference we’ve made to the house …Fran.

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