Home Energy Masterplan

Before beginning on your eco-renovation, it’s most important to decide which measures are appropriate for you and your home. Without proper planning, you can end up picking measures that don’t deliver the results you’re looking for, or spending much more than you need to. That’s where our Home Energy Masterplan service comes in.

A Masterplan assessment starts with a visit to your property for a detailed measured site survey. Whilst we are with you we’ll ask you how you use or plan to use your home, what your drivers are and so what you want to achieve.

Our analysts then use software developed by Parity Projects – an award winning ecorefurb company in London with whom we have a partnership – to create a report that sets out how your home is working now (or not as the case may be) and identifies options available. As we work out the probable benefits and cost of each measure we build packages of measures to meet your particular needs – whether you’re trying to cut your bills, reduce your environmental impacts, or simply make your home warm and cosy.

Once you’ve read through your report we arrange a phone consultation to discuss in more detail any areas of interest or questions you may have.

The result is a highly flexible service that is tailored to meet your requirements, including:

  • Integrating retrofit with wider plans – we can ensure that our analysis reflects any plans you have to refurbish, remodel or extend the property. This includes the potential to assess a property prior to purchase.
  • Unusual circumstances – as appropriate, we can focus on specific preferred measures (e.g. solid wall insulation, natural building products or the impacts of fuel switching), or measures that are specific to the particular building type and area (e.g. those better suited to older buildings, or Planning restricted areas).
  • Putting plans into action – once you’ve decided what you want to do, we can deliver all the way through your building project with our architecture, specification, building regulations & construction service.
  • We can usually arrange a survey within a fortnight so book your Masterplan today. Contact us – the prices for the Plans vary depending on size of the house so call or email to work this ou

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