project update VIII

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just a few photos to see the underfloor heating being laid today

UF heating riglaying the platesaluminium diffuser plates

the photos above show (from left to right) the rig that the UF heating installers use to pressurise the pipes with hot water water to make it easier to lay. Tthe people we have used on several occassions are Flowmax – who always say they like working with us because we make such nice job of it (I’m directly quoting Alex this time Martin!!). The you can see the aluminium diffuser plates going down. I had to make sure the fitters understood how much hard work had gone into setting this up so they didn’t put their size 10’s through the Insumate. Then you see the  pipes being laid in the living room.

UF heatUF heatimg_4184

These next photos show the flow and return notched in to the floor so carefully by Simon and Gaz yesterday letting the pipes continue to run below floor level, the nice bit of organisation by the front door (which will be lovely and warm when you take your shoes off to enter the living room after being out in the cold and the final picture here of Alex (not BGH Alex – this ones from Flowmax… great name, great name) fitting the manifold which will ultimately control the 3 zones we have on the groundfloor.

More soon.

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