Project update week 13

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So very quickly we have moved into week 13 and the finishing touches are all happening. We have had several issues with Internet suppliers of bathrooms, tiles etc… Delivery companies dropping pallets etc. which have put all our schedules out. (Special mention for, who despite causing lots of grief through their delivery companies managed to eventually sort things out)

So fortunately our clients have decided to delay for one week their removal men which is excellent news for us because it really gives us a chance to put together e finishing touches. Which will mean they will be much happier ultimately.

Of course we still have to complete the extension, and the replacement doors and the external wall insulation…. So this is simply the end of phase 1… A few weeks for them to settle in, and resolve some planning department issues then back to start the extension.

So this week the electric UF heating for the main bath, which the clients really wanted and we will be offsetting with the 4kwp solar PV so we can justify its Eco credentials….

20130407-115907.jpg so this is the electric UF heating

20130407-120051.jpgthe finished wooden floor

20130407-120111.jpg the solar thermal system has been installed this week.

20130407-120134.jpg we have also made a bespoke system for airtighting and insulating the loft hatch