External Wall Insulation & Cladding

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So – hi all, it seems i have fallen some way behind in keeping our blog up to date – its been a really busy few months and I think my batteries needed a recharge… which I was luck enough to have last week… more of that in another blog…

So with our current project we have had a few issues with the planning authorities, but this has mean that we have had to focus on finishing the main house – including adding its external coat of cork insulation – 50mm of cork cross batten with 30mm cork, then Tyvek Supro then featheredge board gives the first floor of the house a fantastic U value for a renovated wall of 0.25Wm2K.

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To put this into context an insulated cavity wall has a value of 0.56-0.57W/m2K on average so by adding these additional breathing layers we reduce the heat lost through this element by more than double – therefore reducing the clients bills and ultimately giving them a more sustainable home. This is one of the reasons we chose Cork – because it has great insulative properties as well sequestering CO2 as it grows, it has natural resistance to water and insects and when sourced from well managed suppliers (as we do) then it is extremely sustainable.

We (and our clients) think the overall effect with the black featherboard is especially striking in relation to the high spec triple glazed windows – giving the building a modern yet rustic look