Daylighting Calculations

What are Daylighting Calculations? daylighting calculations

Daylighting Calculations are produced by our assessors to determine the amount of natural light that is anticipated to penetrate a room.  Factors such as the size of the opening, reflectivity of surfaces, and view of clear sky from a window will all affect the daylight factor in a room.

Awardable Credits

The calculations can be used to achieve 1 to 3 credits in Health & Wellbeing (Hea 1) in EcoHomes or the Code for Sustainable Homes.  One credit can be achieved where the average daylight factor for kitchens achieves a minimum of 2%.  One credit can also be achieved where the daylight factor achieves a minimum of 1.5% in lounges, dining rooms and home offices.  Another credit can be met where a minimum of 80% of the kitchen, lounge, dining room and home office receives direct light from the sky.