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Open Plan Living….. hmmmm?

This is the page no-one wants to focus on too clearly!
You’re here because you have dreams of how your house could be, and that’s NO BAD THING. But you’re also here because you’re aware that getting from here to there could be long, complicated, and likely to cost a lot – we know you’re realistic or you wouldn’t have hit this page. This is our job, this is what we do, we can help from here on in.

Of course the first step in any project is finding the finance to pay for it. For the majority of people that means how much can I borrow?

If you are planning renovations work there are many ways of raising finance – through your mortgage, as a personal loan, savings, or even the ‘bank of mum and dad’. If you are self-building from the ground up there are around 20 institutions that actively seek out ‘self build’ borrowers (have a google) – but of course with the way things have been recently the lending criteria are pretty strict. Sorry to be a damp squib but for any householder it is guaranteed to turn out costing more than expected – building work is a more complex process than most people realise. However, there is nothing more satisfying than creating your own home, and help can be found.

In the last decades there have been a various government schemes to prompt energy saving in industry and housing, collectively known as ‘Green Deals’, but in domestic housing all were stopped or run down to nil. Bright Green Homes took part in many & gained experience in working with Local Authorities & householders to integrate grants and incentives – see our portfolio.

Now, perhaps with the incentive of hosting COP26 this Autumn, there is a new government scheme to promote and grant fund eco-upgrading of our housing stock called the ‘Green House Grant’

This was launched in summer 2020 but, perhaps unsurprisingly as it is targetting a complex problem, it has had a bumpy start. However Bright Green Homes has been keeping up to date with this and there’s every hope wrinkles will be solved and it will develop into a helpful long-lasting scheme.

Here is a short description of the Green House Grant:
You undertake to spend up to £5,000 on a ‘primary measure’, then the Govmt will pay 2/3rds of this via a voucher, redeemed when work completed. Then you can spend remaining grant on ‘secondary measures’, funded in the same way. Primary measures include insulation and ‘green’ heating systems, Secondary measures include eg new glazing, heating controls, draught proofing.


This is how we can help you get your project underway:

Bright Green Homes can help you integrate the new government offer with your wished for home improvements. Of course you can go ahead with us to carry out any building work you have in mind without referring to the Green Homes Grant, but if it’s there, and we can help make it work for you, there’s enough funding in it to be attractive.

You just need to set up what you want to carry out under a primary measure to start with; each item is provided with a separate voucher so you can add other items under the scheme once you are underway.
*we can help you sort out the GHG paperwork in the course of the preliminary work necessary to plan your project as a whole.

Here’s how we will work on ANY project with you:
We talk it over with you and work out a detailed quote for your peace of mind by  analysing and writing out what is involved. We will sign a contract with you on that basis, and any variations made as the work proceeds will be valued and charged on the same price structure.

As the work progresses we will provide a detailed valuation for payment for work completed and materials bought on your behalf, usually every fortnight, so you are reassured by not paying for anything you cannot identify or foresee.

Looking Good!

Meanwhile our on-line project management software will keep you up to date with progress, changes, variations, photos , conversations and instruction from you, recording all that is happening with your project. At “practical completion” of the work, ie when you can benefit from using it, usually that means when you move in, we will collate and agree the final account with you.

Of course there are always bits and pieces, items to dry out, things to test, so there is a period in the contract to allow for this, during which we make sure everything is shipshape. After that you settle up, we provide the guarantees, paperwork, instructions etc.

And then …. enjoy your new home!

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