Condensing Boiler

A gas condensing boiler

gas condensing boilers look almost identical to conventional boilers

Condensing boilers are a mature technology and are significantly more efficient than conventional boilers. They achieve this high level of efficiency by removing the heat from the fuel it is burning and also cooling the products of combustion, which are normally wasted up the flue, so much so that the water vapour in them turns into liquid. This happens at around 55°C. For a boiler to cool the flue products this much, it has to have a larger, more efficient heat exchanger than traditional boilers.

It is estimated that they are 15% more efficient than conventional boilers, using less fuel, therefore creating less CO2 for each unit of heat that they produce and costing less to run.

They cost more than conventional boilers but should typically pay this back within approximately two years from the savings in running costs.

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  • Options Available

    Condensing boilers are suitable for replacing most existing boilers, floor standing and wall-hung units are available with extended flue-ing options if required.

  • Location & Size

    Finding a location and installing a condensing boiler is no different to a conventional boiler, the only difference in installation is the requirement for a condensate drain, and consideration of plumbing.

  • Combi or System?

    They are available as regular or combination boilers and are as easy to install as non-condensing boilers. No changes to the system design are necessary, they can be installed in fully pumped heating systems without the need for any special designs.

  • Efficiency

    The system does not need to be designed to condense to achieve the improved efficiency, typically a condensing boiler would have a seasonal efficiency of between 83% and 92% compared with a new non-condensing boiler at 75% and an older boiler type at 55-60.

  • Other considerations

    It is not necessary to install oversized radiators, to give a worthwhile efficiency gain. No change should be made to the installation of Condensing boilers when installed as a replacement to an existing system that has larger radiators installed.