energy efficient house

your home loses as much as 20% of its heat through the roof

One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to improve your energy efficiency is to effectively insulate your home.

The Energy Savings Trust estimate that around a third of all the heat lost from home escapes through the walls. By insulating the walls within the cavity (post 1920’s homes) or by internal or external insulation (solid masonry walls) you can save up to £500 per year.

Similarly, up to 25% of heat lost from an un-insulated home goes through the roof – insulating the roof with a suitable product could save you up to £205 per year*. There are Local Authority grants available, depending on your circumstances, usually up to £400 per property, however to claim it you must use an accredited installer. If you can’t get a grant, and are careful not to put a foot through the ceiling, this is one of the potential DIY jobs, but not a pleasant one.

The question is what type of insulation. There are many products, suppliers and levels of sustainability for the insulation types that you could use. The source material can be glass (make sure it is a recycled product), rock, sheep wool, polystyrene(ensure ‘green’ manufacture), recycled plastic bottles, recycled newspapers and metal foil, to name a few. Some are expensive but nice to have around, others are nasty to handle but cheaper, some (like Rockwool) will give a bonus of being a good acoustic insulator as well.

At Bright Green Homes we only use the best products and installers to find a best-fit solution for your property, aspirations and budget, so you don’t need to trawl the vast range of solutions on offer. We will integrate insulation into other work to minimise disruption.

*Energy Savings Trust