Green roof

There are many widely recognised benefits to grass roofs:

grass roof on a garage

adding the coir subsoil to this garage roof

* They offer much needed green spaces in urban areas

* They reduce the speed of storm water run-off, thereby reducing the pressure on our overworked urban drains during storms

* They increase the natural biodiversity of an area offering habitat and shelter to wildlife

* They improve air quality by absorbing pollutants from the atmosphere which would otherwise enter our air and water system

green roof installed

this looks even better now two years later

* They can retain heat in the winter and keep you cool in the summer

* They offer acoustic insulation that is significantly better than a standard bitumen roof

* A ‘grass’ topping can protect your roof from the elements, offering substantial improvement for the longevity of your roof

* What you grow can range from shrub & lawn planting, to meadow grass to assorted sedum. The latter needs the least soil so may not require additional support, the former is likely to require major structure to carry it.

For a cool video on the benefits of Green Roofs click below, from our friends at Organic Roofs here in Brighton –