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New Build 2019 Ecohouse

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Our New Build 2019 Ecohouse was a timber frame and masonry hybrid for a creative workspace & music room – BUT – what I forgot to do was give you all updates as we went along with the slab, ground floor blockwork, waterproofing membrane, insulation below ground, carpentry, insulation, roof, windows… etc etc etc….

So here we go – 6 months work in a few quick pictures – it doesn’t really do it justice but gives you some idea of the process…

At the beginning of 2019 I wrote a blog about the IsoQuick insulated raft system for the beginning of our new build – now, I know you all remember – especially those of you at the back with your eyes closed – pay attention we may rush through this.

So by this point we had demolished the old garage (and recycled the bricks as aggregate for another project, added the new drainage, laid the new slab and we were coming up out of the ground. The ground floor was partially underground so we used inert EPS insulation and added waterproofing membrane. This are was to be a workshop with fair-faced block work so care was taken even at this very early stage to pay attention to the finishes. Then the timber frame and the roof could be built. This was done with a timber I joist system specified by the architect and designed offsite but built by the Bright Green Homes team onsite.

Then it was the turn of the insulation & airtightness layers.

Using Thermo-jute Hemp insulation in the upper walls and roof was a key part of the overall design, allowing the property to breathe and regulate its temperature even in the extremes of winter and the heat of the summer to protect the inhabitants and also a key item that had to be considered – our clients prize grand piano. 300mm of Thermo-jute in the roof, 150mm in the walls overlaid with 50mm of Gutex Multi-therm wood fibre board. This then had a breathing membrane, battens and counter-battens and Marley clay tiles.

So now our New Build 2019 Ecohouse has a weatherproof box ready for its windows and internal finishes and the sun was still shining. Continuing to install the airtightness layer at first floor, then linings, staircases, the GF WC & basin, the workshop facilities and then the next major hurdle the installation of the beautiful VELFAC windows and doors that were carefully designed to sit within the insulating layer that formed the buildings out layer. So – rather than bore you all with further details – just enjoy the pictures!!

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