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Hi all – so in the spirit of continued professional development I’d like to explain that I (Alex – Partner in BGH) have recently qualified with a Level 5 diploma as a Retrofit Coordinator

In order to improve the quality of all Retrofits to domestic properties around the country it has been officially recognised (at last) that there is a need for a coordinator to properly plan and install energy efficiency measures throughout a property to avoid some of the issues that can arise from poor installations.

More details about this course can be found here –

I was invited to attend the inaugural course that was held in October at the Federation of Master Builders HQ in London and I really enjoyed it desapite it basically teaching me about a job that I have been doing with Bright Green Homes for 10 years!! I enjoyed it so much in fact that the Retrofit Academy asked my to contribute some videos to help prospective coordinators to understand how this course will help consumers and what they need to know about – what the organisers have called –

“Ask Alex – a no-nonsense guide and jargon buster”

The Retrofit Academy
Not the most exciting of all the aspects of Retrofit – but vitally important