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well one of the things we have down this week is install a new tripled glazed, argon filled, low E coated dormer

carpentry, remove an old window

carefully removing the old frame

window in a property in central brighton – the next stage was to get the new frame up the stairs, no mean feat in itself! But once up – the next thing to tackle was the instructions (destructions as Simon calls them) and the far from typical construction of these immaculate new EcoPlus windows from the Green Building Store.

Eventually – with a little cajoling the window sat perfectly in the existing opening,and now to refit the glass, get the finishing touches right – and a happy customer…. just the glass to go….

triple glazing

new frame in place

well as is so often the way, when we took a breath and admired our work, it was only a minute until a new problem arose – one of the panes of glass had a small crack in it! Oh well… with the help of the supplier and a local glass company we have been able to resolve this with the minimum of fuss…

The new window looks beautiful, the panes of glass are warm to touch (on the inside!) even in this freezing weather and an added bonus – the noise from the main road is almost inaudible – happy days.

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