Whole House Eco-Renovation

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Hi All,

so it is the new year and we have been back on site since the 5th.. and some of the guys ploughed (excuse the pun – those in the know!!) on through over Xmas to keep us ahead of the game. It seems the perfect moment to give you a pictorial update on one of our latest projects working with our good friends Cityzen Design – www.cityzendesign.co.uk – on a whole house renovation just outside of Brighton.

It is a beautiful house which is nestled behind the high street and overlooking the Cricket ground of one of Brighton’s smaller quainter neighbours. Its a little of our usual beaten track (we try and keep our travelling down to a minimum if we can) but we couldn’t resist being involved in this terrific project with a great, environmentally minded client who wants to have a beautiful, well designed, comfortable low energy home – our speciality!

So phase 1 of this project is to renovate the main house and add a complex loft conversion with many a steel and an amazing view over the South Downs to this old converted pub. A phase that we are on schedule to finish at the end of Feb. Then Phase 2 is to raise the existing rear flat roof into a  mono pitched well insulated roof with lots of natural light, and Phase 3 a side extension.

As ever with old buildings there have been problems, hiccups and complex puzzles to solve, but the project is moving on a pace and I’ll try and find time to keep updating you.

As a picture paint a thousand words I have added 28 photos to the gallery below – have a flick through and see what we have been doing between September and November… I’ll add December and then January as separate posts as otherwise the page takes so long to load our server just times you out…