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Bright Green Homes has moved its web hosting to 3Co : an ethical, customer focused web hosting and design company delivering an environmentally friendly web hosting solution using carbon offsetting projects and renewably sourced electricity.

Bright Green Homes is an investor in the community Solar project – Brighton Energy Cooperative – Brighton Energy Coop owns more than £700,000’s-worth of community-funded solar PV in the Brighton area.

Located at five sites, their solar systems are funded by their members (including Bright Green Homes) – hundreds of people have joined in the past two years, helping to support more renewable energy for our city.

They continue to develop new renewable energy projects in the B&H area; their members receive a 5% return on their investment as well as a 30% tax break on the amount invested.

We would encourage everyone: individuals, groups or companies, to invest in this scheme to improve the carbon footprint of Brighton & Hove.

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