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AtGreen House Cleaning and De-cluttering Tips a certain point you might get tired of flooding your house with chemicals while busy home cleaning. In this case you should start thinking about your home as well as the environment, and thinking of natural and green ways to get the home clean. And then thinking of some methods to keep the home clean. You are not limited when it comes to options – your home itself provides you with the opportunity to actually turn the de-cluttering into both a house clearance and a cleaning method. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

• Clear out the wardrobe and take the clothes that you no longer want to wear. Pick those of them that are just a few days away from tearing apart and instead of throwing them onto a junk disposal heap, turn them into rags. That way you save money, you don’t have to waste paper towels, and you will have more cleaning products.

• Turn your attention to the cabinets. You probably have a lot of pots and pans, and probably use less than half. You can instead re-purpose the ones you don’t use by making them into flower pots, or implementing them in some other way that can be helpful.

• Your household is probably filled with plastic bottles. You should not throw them away – them ending up in the landfill will only invite pollution for the environment. Instead, think of a way to re-purpose them into a decoration or make them into a pot for something. But if they are too old, better just add them to the waste disposal heap that is going for recycling as they are already damaging the surroundings with their emitting.

• If you have a lot of old newspapers, you can send half of them for recycling, and keep the other half for cleaning the windows or other things. They can also be useful as packing supplies and wrappings, but don’t keep too much of them. A single pile of ten or twenty is sufficient – anymore and it is only extra clutter to be discarded.

• Don’t get too attached to items. You need to be merciless when it comes to throwing out things, especially if it means recycling. If you have plastic, metal, paper, or glass items that you have no use for, by recycling them you both help the environment by giving production the materials it needs so that it doesn’t take it from nature, and you de-clutter your home by removing things you only have a sentimental attachment to and have no practical value to you.

• Use the home-made cleaning kit that baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar are. They are natural, they are non-toxic, non-abrasive, and anti-bacterial, and they barely take any space, unlike many cleaning products.
With these tips you should have an easy time going through your home when the time for cleaning and house clearance comes. Be thorough, be ruthless, and if something is worthy of rubbish removal, then add it to the junk disposal heap without a second though.

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