Corona Virus

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Hi – its a difficult time for everyone at the moment – and our hearts go out to the true heroes and heroines of the moment – the key workers – Nurses, Doctors, Porters, Lab Assistants, and all the other incredible people in our NHS that are working hard to keep those afflicted by Covid-19 alive – and the rest of us healthy.

It’s taken a few weeks but the Construction Leadership Council have now developed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that allow us to return to work in certain circumstances – limited numbers of operatives on vacant properties keeping social distancing rules, gloves and masks worn in communal areas and washing hands (or using sanitiser) etc. etc. see here for more info

So – in that spirit myself and one of my team that are able to work (who don’t have small children or at risk family members) were able to return to one of our vacant sites this week – we’d organised access before the crisis hit so we only need to enter the main building to open up in the morning and access via the external scaffold.

So this week – we removed approximately 3 tonnes of rubble, timber & general waste from a demolished wall (it felt like 10 tones doing it by hand down the rope and pulley) – but lots of sweat and hard graft later we got alot of the site cleared so we can move onto the next stage. We separated it into different waste types (for easier recycling) and our top-man waste guy Luke from Eco Skip who are donating a portion of all their income to the NHS at this terrible time – came to come and dispose of it for us. I made you all a little video.

socially distant waste removal

Keep safe and well everyone – lets hope when things begin to return to normal there will be desire to help keep our planet healthy too!

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